Physiotec Rehabilitation Application

Physiotec exercise application provide access to your unique exercise programme which has been written specifically for you by your physiotherapist. This programme include video’s, photos and easy to follow instructions.

An example of Physiotec:

External rotation walkout.


Attach one end of the band to an object beside you and grab the other end in your hand.

Use the hand that is the furthest from the anchor point to do the exercise.

Keep your elbow on your side and bent 90 degrees with your palm facing the anchor point.

Take one side step to stretch the band without any movement at the shoulder joint.

Move back to the starting position and repeat.


The free Physiotec application is also downloadable from:

Google Play
Apple Store

Please use your email and password which has been sent to you. You can access your online programme with your User Name (your email address) and password which will be sent to you.