Study Participants Wanted: Are you a Tennis Player?

Motion Capture of Tennis Player
Motion Capture of Tennis Player

We are seeking tennis players to be participants in a scientific study focussing on  shoulder injuries. 

We are conducting a local research project in the Bath and Weybridge/West Byfleet-areas in conjunction with the University of Bath Sport and Exercise Department during June-August 2017. The tests will take place at local indoor tennis clubs in Weybridge area and in the Bath area.
The duration of the testing is approximately 2hrs.

This study has now been completed.  The second part of the study will take place in due course and all applicants will be invited to participate via email.

All results of each individual participant will be sent via email after completion of the study. 

We would like to thank all study participants and their coaches for such an overwhelming response and interest in this study! It is much appreciated and will benefit many sports groups and individuals in future.

For any enquiries please contact us on

The Study Topic:

The overhead athlete: A cross-sectional study of overhead activities of young versus older tennis players with or without shoulder pain.
The aim of the study is to further our knowledge of shoulder impingement and rotator cuff tears in tennis players and other overhead athletes. We will distribute and disseminate the results to the participating players and their coaches. The participants will be monitored and analysed by using inertial motion technology whilst performing tennis serve and doing certain arm movements. Additionally other clinical measurements will be taken as well. All testing will be non-invasive.

Clinical Relevance:

Physical activity in an aging population is promoted by government. By identifying the risks, the older tennis population may stay active playing overhead activities for longer thus promoting activity and therefore longevity. This study will provide recommendations and better insight to clinicians and coaches alike, to improve management and prevent injuries of internal impingement, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability and movement analysis information of the tennis player, over the age of 35 years.

Study Inclusion Criteria:

To be included in the study you must:

  1. Be playing at a high club/county/elite level.
  2. Be a healthy tennis player between the ages of  35-70yrs without any shoulder pain – OR
  3. Be a tennis players with shoulder pain between the ages of  35-70 yrs – OR
  4. Be  a healthy tennis players between the ages of 13-21 yrs, (Where appropriate – Child safety protocols as identified by University of Bath).
  5. Be playing tennis for more than 5 yrs with a minimum of 6 hours per week (inclusive match play)
  6. Be a tennis player that received previous shoulder injection therapy/infiltration
  7. Be able to perform a flat serve

Study Exclusions Criteria:

1. Surgical procedures in last 1 year

2. Diabetes sufferer

3. Frozen shoulder

4. Neck pain