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Equipment and Consumable Products used in Rehabilitation

As part of ongoing rehabilitation or exercise treatment you may want to purchase equipment or consumable products recommended by your physiotherapist. We provide the below links to help you choose the right items. You do not have to use the specific items or brands suggested, but these items have been recommended by us, and used successfully by our patients, in the past.

Hot & Cold Treatments

Microwaveable Wheat Pack – Long

For hot or cold usage. Ideal for neck and shoulder pain.

Microwaveable Wheat Pack – Large

For hot or cold usage. Ideal for lower back pain.

Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Packs

3 per pack

Ice-it-Away Ice Massage Ball

Refillable ice massage ball & bag

Refillable Ice bag with Velcro attachment strap
Disposable Instant cold packs
Game-Ready Rental link

Electronic Equipment

TENS Machine
Pulse Oximeter
Electronic Forehead Thermometer
Blood pressure meter

Tape Wraps and Bandages

Coban wrap 7.5cm width

Coban wrap 5cm width

Coban Wrap 2.5cm

Mueller Under-wrap

Leukotape P Combi Pack

Sports Tape (K-tape)

Pre-tape Skin Adhesive Spray – Mueller

Orthotics, Braces and Supports

Canterbury Base Layers and Compression wear

Men :

Women :

Junior :

A60 Aircast – Black

A60 Aircast – White

Soft Ankle support – Black

Vasyli Orthotics

Blue – Full Length

Blue – 3/4 Length

Heel pads (pair)

Knee braces

Ankle supports and Ankle boot


Paediatric crutches

Exercise Equipment


Balance or wobble board


Stationary bikes

Slant board


Ankle weights

Swiss balls


Covid Update – 23/3/2020


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the UK Government guidance we are now closing the clinic for all face-to-face consultations and urge all our patients to stay at home and apply social distancing to support the NHS to #flattenthecurve and avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Remember to continue exercising and to pay attention to your mental heath during the lockdown period.

The clinic now offers online Telehealth appointments for patients that require injury assessment or to continue with treatment via video conferencing facilities on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp. Please contact us on 07736731022 or if you would like to discuss treatment.

As part of our online Telehealth virtual service, we provide customised exercise programme, with linked photos, videos and linked advice, as required, that will be sent to the patient when the virtual treatment is completed.

The clinic will contact all our current patients as soon as we re-open again.